Social Media Branding & Coaching

If you find yourself in some of this questions you would benefit from social media coaching

How Does It Work?

I can provide social media coaching for your business one-on-one. When you book your appointment we can start with skype and then we can go further through Teamviewer it depends on what you need with this 2-hour coaching, so before the coaching, you will fill some survey so that I can help you the most in this two-hour coaching.

Social media coaching is purchased in a 2hr block for $350 and can be used all in one go or a minimum of 1hr at a time and it is recommended that you take 1 coaching per week for the minimum of 4 weeks so that I can help you in growing your business.

It is up to you how you would like to spend the time, although guidance will be given as to where you should focus your time to get maximum results so this is what you could:

  • 💙 Ask for “how to” hands on help or advice to assist in tackling a problem;
  • 💙 Get training on a new social network;
  • 💙 Receive assistance with your Facebook advertising;
  • 💙 Learn how to set up Facebook apps;
  • 💙 Gain advice on competitions you want to run;
  • 💙 Discuss ideas for posting;
  • 💙 Receive assistance in optimizing your LinkedIn profile;
  • 💙 Work on strategies for converting your online communities into paying customers;
  • 💙 Gain feedback on your social media strategy or plan;
  • 💙 Review your performance against your goals;
  • 💙 Get guidance on getting others in the business involved or outsourcing; and/or
  • 💙Have someone to keep you on track with your plan and review your progress against your goals.

~ The full 2hr block must be used within 3 months of purchase.
Any unused portion will be lost.
All sessions are arranged in advance at a time and place that is mutually agreeable. Each session is a minimum of 60mins and if for any reason the participant is late arriving then the session will be shorter, unless the time change is agreed prior.
A minimum of 24hrs notice is required to reschedule/cancel a coaching session.
If we do not receive this, the scheduled block will be lost.

Social media coaching will be conducted through skype or Teamviewer.

Contact Me for more information on how you can use social media coaching on